Lotus Today

Lotus strives, together with its NGO Cambodian Partner, to further develop the lives of the participating communities. All of these communities are in poor remote villages 40-60 km outside Siem Reap.

After a history of 9 years Lotus has been successful in creating a strategic partnership with READA.

Together we have created a number of projects which enhance the lives of these communities in different ways. We have worked hard to change the mindset of these families, moving away from pure donation to self-initiative projects. This has enabled the families to not only self-finance different project, such as developing savings schemes within the Rice Banks, but also to contributing to village infrastructure.

The next phase is, to work together with our partner NGO, who carries out most of the initiatives and control, to strengthen the communities with possibly the establishment of Co-operatives and the creation of Social Enterprise and Vocational Training centres.