Third Party Donors

For a number of years Lotus has been lucky enough to obtain donations from Third Parties to fund specific projects such as Rice BanksWater Project (canal, water wells, water pond, water filters) and for emergency funding (floods, drought).

In each case (except for emergency funding) Lotus makes sure that:

1. The Donors do not bear any of the local NGOs’ admin costs (these are covered by Lotus’ own funds).  The donors contribute a small percentage to project costs.

2. The Donors receive project proposals from the local NGOs which describe the project, give details, such as the number of beneficiaries, the name of the village the project will be operated in, the reporting procedure and most importantly a breakdown on how the funding will be spent.

3. Control mechanisms are implemented on all its projects and that reports and updates are provided to Donors, where applicable.

The funding is only forwarded on to the local NGO by Lotus once its Third Party Donor has agreed to the project proposal.

All projects supported by Lotus are in line with Cambodian Government regulations.

List of Lotus’ Third Party Donors:

–   Mr Rolf Dienst, Rice Bank

–   Ms Jane Deutsch –  LBM Jem Charitable Trust, Water Project, Rice Bank Project, Emergency Funding

–   Mr Robert Gould, Rice Bank Project

–   Hansabay Pte Ltd, Singapore, Rice Bank Project

–   John Hobley, Water Project

–   Lotus Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V, Water Project, Rice Bank Project

–   Lotus Charitable Trust, Water Project, Rice Bank Project, Emergency Funding

–   Mr Gerhard Reger, Rice Bank Project

–   Rotary Clubs Hamburg-Altona, Water Project

–   Rotary Club Hamburg-Elbe, Water Project

–   Mrs Rosemarie Sietz, Rice Bank Project, Social Protection Project

–   Mr Simon and Mrs Piedy Somerville, Rice Bank Project

–   Mrs Silvija Stewart, Water Project, Rice Bank Project, Emergency Funding

–   Mr Georg Tognino, Rice Bank Project

–   Toby & Regina Wyles Charitable Trust, Rice Bank Project

–   Mr Ross Badger; Water Project, Rice Bank Project

–   Ms Ivy Christou, Water Project, Social Protection Project

–   Mr Wolfgang Sietz, Water Project, Rice Bank